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Kill 'Em All!!!

And Let God Sort 'Em out!

11/20/06 05:06 pm - Update

I'm not dead.
I am single...twice over...and then kinda with someone.
I am coming home tomorrow.
I am poor.
I don't know if I like college.

9/19/06 09:58 pm

Sometimes I feel so beautiful and talented, like I can really make it in the business. Other times I realize my flaws and know how hard its going to be...I also feel, one in a while, that maybe I should be doing something else, I'm not the typical beautiful nor am I thin or talented. MOst of the time, I'm just confused...


The World Can't Wait is a national organization, setting up a mass demonstration to drive out the Bush regime and its plague of War, Murder, Torture, and Theocracy. If you don't agree with where the nation is headed and where our so-called "leaders" are taking us, do something about it! To find out more, go to


This taking place all over this distressed and abused nation, so try to find a place near you. If there is no headquarter in your area, take the lead and spread the word. This shit needs to stop and only WE THE PEOPLE can stop this.

The Future is Unwritten. WHICH ONE WE GET IS UP TO US.

8/28/06 10:00 pm

I'm am currently at college. Classes don't begin until Sept. 5. I've been pretty busy as of late. Made some new friends, went to Belmont, ran all over the city in the wind and rain <3, went shopping, etc etc. Tony came to visit Saturday and spent the night. WE went thrifting and eating and had general fun. I really like that silly tiger. He's so great to the max. My mom really misses me and so does Ben. Hell, even my step dad does. I love this city and am currently trying to find a job.  I'm thinking of switching my major to PErforming Arts managment and having a minor in Theatre/Acting but accordig to the advising aid, its alot of requirements. I have an appoinment tomorrrow. 
I performed in an open mic the other day and I did pretty damn well. Yay. My room mate kinda sucks. She's never around though so its all good, Ummm....the end I guess. I need to go check my laundry.

8/19/06 01:28 pm

I can not believe how fast time as gone. I move Monday, as in not tomorrow but the day after. I'm all antsy in my pantsy. EEEEAHHHHHHHH!

8/14/06 03:17 pm - Sunna Sun! Sunna Sun!

I went to Chicago with Tony. His brother, who he hadn't seen for like 4 years, was having a birthday party. The party was fun and very mexican.
We stayed at one of those ghetto hooker hotels with free porn and fantasy rooms. we had a jacuzzi room with a red light above the jacuzzi which made us laugh for hours on end. We ate real Chicago fast food at 3 am, it made me sick. Greasy food + my tummy = NO!!!! then the next day we went shopping. Tony collects both records and snowglobes <.< so of course, we had to go to Boys Town and Belmont. We went to GayMart and had tons of fun. The guy who owns it was so silly and cool. Went to Reckless records and Tony spent $175 on records! Went to Dave's rRecords too. we also went to Uncle Fun! THE BEST AND CHEAPEST AND FUMNNNNIEST STORE EVER! Its like tha magic shop in PeeWee's Big Adventure!

Overall, super funnnnnnnnn,

Jenn and I are lovers again! Whcich is good because I love her alot and I missed her and didn't understand how we weren't friends. It was too weird.

I leave in 7 days. Whoa...

8/1/06 11:49 pm

Haven't posted forever so here it goes::

Forgot my LJ password and had to get a new one.

Orientation was badass and I still love Chicago.

I have a boyfriend, his name is Tony and he's divine.

We've been having sex. Yes, sex.

I need some new rocka psycho punk to listen to, suggestions?

Also want anew tat and can't afford my pin up girl ....I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO GET!

19 days...thank fucking jesus....

7/12/06 04:44 pm - "Sometimes its just fuck you."

I'm tired of this. Seriously.
Just...no more. the end.
Because friends are overrated.

7/11/06 06:47 pm - HUFFALUMP!

I spent the entire day with Tony.
We went to the cities and dicked around for like 8 hours.
He bought me HUFFALUMPS! One is a pirate and one is a superhero.
We had an amazing time.

No one cares, the end.

7/10/06 02:07 pm

Did I do something wrong that I don't know about?
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